Earl "The Pearl" Monroe presents the ......

Million Dollar Three-Point Challenge

1973 NBA World Champion

Four-Time NBA All-Star

The Million Dollar Three-Point Challenge opens the global stage to amateurs everywhere for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete locally and ascend through a national elimination ladder to the ultimate finals showdown. Teams composed of three competitors will join forces to achieve the highest total of three-point field goals in a two-minute period. Each player has three shots from five different spots on the NCAA Three-Point arc. Each team has two rounds, forty-five balls per round, best round wins. Teams work their way through local, state, regional, quarter-final,semi-final, and final rounds to be crowned the ultimate champions and winners of $1,000,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the competition start.....

Following some initial test market events, the national competition will be slated for the latter half of 2020.

Where will the competition be held.....

Local athletic facilities with full-size courts with at least some limited spectator capacity such as college campuses, high-schools, private gymnasiums, health club facilities, etc.. Strategically selected regional competition sites throughout the country will ensure accessibility on a broad level.

Where can competitors sign up.....

Players will be able to sign up online at the competition site as well as sponsor partners' physical locations. Entry of zip code will display local competition sites and dates of competition.

How much will it cost.....

Each competitor entry fee is $25. In addition to the competition entry, players will receive a competition T-shirt and complimentary site entry for one spectator. 


Earl "The Pearl" Monroe

Earl is from Philadelphia and isthe Creator of the Million Dollar Three-Point Challenge. "The Pearl" as fans know him, has been a court star since his early high-school days and is an American legend. A member of both the NBA and College Halls of Fame, Earl was a two-time All American at Winston-Salem College, NBA Rookie of the Year, and a four-time NBA All-Star with both the Baltimore Bullets and the New York Knicks. He is one of fifty players named to the NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time team.  He won the Peabody Award for producing the acclaimed documentary Black Magic and provides TV & radio commentary for the Knicks. Earl continues today as a serial entrepreneur with efforts supporting many 

charitable entities and businesses.

Eric Pullman

Rick has a long career on the 

playground courts and many different C-suite roles encompassing technology and business operations including CEO of CT OTB, Executive Producer of Racing Live, senior exec at Osler Health, including exec roles at Stronach Group, Dun& Bradstreet, Salomon Bros, and Philip Morris, as well as patented inventor of Post Time Poker. Rick has a diversified portfolio of online commerce, gaming, competition, healthcare and social media experience and 

is a 2019  NJ BIZ Digi-Tech Innovation award winner.

Milton Rice

Milton brings the ultimate experience when it comes to Basketball.

As an operations chief for the

1992 and 1996 United States

Olympic Committee, he

oversaw transportation and

security for the original Dream

Team. For 16 years was

Entertainment Chairman for

one of the nation's largest

festivals and worked on several

Concert Tours including The

Miller Sound Express Concert

Series. He is no stranger to large global events.

    Nate Howard

    Nate is President and founder of Fade2Blac Video & Event Productions, Inc.(F2B), Nate Howard is Executive-in-Charge of Production and creates a vision and a voice for public and private clients.  Over his career, Nate has  garnered recognition of achievements including (4) Regional Emmy Awards, (2) First-Place National Association of Black Journalist Awards, NETA Awards, Telly Awards, Questar Awards and scores of others.  He served as  an Executive Producer at Maryland Public Television as well as  Director of Broadcast Productions for the Baltimore City Public School System, and as Executive-In-Charge of Production for BNNTV, Nate has created a series of original programs from content creators in music and film.

               Brett Murray

    Brett is the C.E.O. of Concerts for Causes Inc.A non-profit organization that utilizes major symphony orchestras, and organizes groundbreaking events that combine entertainment,

    culture, and education to raise funds & awareness for those in need. Brett Murray has produced and organized large- scale festivals and concerts world wide. Brett specializes in  logistics, raising funds and thinking out of the box.  

    Here is the basic layout and format of the competition.

                                         Potential Shootout Locations

                     ******************   SAMPLE TEAM PAGE   *******************

                                                                 Region 1 Competition Team Page

                                                                         Team Number:   11345

    Meet the:   Nonstop Express     Competing from:  Hoboken, New Jersey 

    Entry Match:       Saturday  September 26    NJU Athletic Hall, 11:30AM   Court 1 

    Pete Davids, local band singer plays pick-ups on weekends with some of these guys.  We're all ringers, going to give this a strong run.

    The Dream: Playing for that house and Ferrari down payment.

    Don Combs, HS phys-ed teacher. Former All-City HS guard, father of three. Loves shooting threes, my fav number. 

    The Dream: This would pay for the kids college tuition all the way. 

    Alex Jones, HS star forward, led division in shooting threes. I am the anchor of this team.

    The Dream: A win here would set up the rest of my life in a great way. 

    Sample Team Demo Video

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